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Since 1979 the Calvillo family has served San Antonio the most Authentic and Original Mexican dishes in the city. They continue setting the bar in new and original Mexican cuisine with (210.479.8765) El Mirasol located @13489 Blanco road and (210.930.8070) SoLuna located @7959 Broadway. It is necessary to also come in and try their award winning margaritas; in either of their luscious landscaped patios and relax to the sounds of cascading waterfalls or tranquil fountains. Both are hosts to trendy colorful atmospheres, which cater to all events and occasions. Reservations can be taken by calling either restaurant or on-line. If you wish to have a large party please review contract for details. We look forward to hosting you or your event with an unforgettable experience.

Come join us for the best mexican food in Texas.

210.479.8765El MiraSol

The Calvillo Family



San Antonio Mexican Food | Home Made Salsa

  • 7959 Broadway | San Antonio 78209
  • 210.930.8070
  • Reservations: eMail | Fax
  • Contact: Manager | G.M.
  • Visit Us: Soluna
  • Hours: Open Sunday-Monday 11:30-9 | Tuesday-Saturday 11:30-10

San Antonio Mexican Food | Home Made Salsa

"World Famous Salsas" All of our salsas will accompany any dish. Since 1978 our Roasted Salsa recipe has changed the flavor of traditional salsas. The use of natural ingredients and the slow roasted process creates a flavor that will enhance any dish or snack. All of our salsas are homemade in San Antonio, Texas.
Order Online today or for more information regarding Salsa only please call 210.422.6604.

San Antonio Mexican Food | Home Made Salsa

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